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Hawaii Vacations
Maui Wailea Townhouse 25A
Keawakapu - Your Beach
Keawakapu Beach (kay ah vah ka’ puh) may be the best walking and  snorkelling beach on the south side of the island. Keawakapu is a good swimming beach that offers snorkelling and diving. And it starts at Ekahi's "back door." Step from the pool or get up from your lounge chair, down a few steps, and begin your stroll or swim.

It is more secluded than other local beaches with only private and very posh homes fronting the beach for its entire length. Keawakapu has a well known man made reef, just 20 yards from shore, which is teeming with colourful fish.

The sandy frontage just outside Ekahi's gate offers a gentle slope and calm waters. Yet a few hundred yards to the north waves, and surfing, abound.
Maui has 120 miles of coastline and over 30 miles of beaches ranging from popular resort areas to undeveloped areas. Numerous Maui beaches appear on lists of the best beaches in the world. Some beaches are outstanding and well known for surfing and windsurfing; others are perfect for family outings with young children.
Keawakapu is a mile long beach with breathtaking views.
Makena Beach
An afternoon's picnic at Big Makena and Little Makena - Crashing waves and deep blue water. Spectacular surfing. Hike over the ridge to Little Makena but be prepared for sunbathers who want a tan with no tan lines!

Makena State Park consists of two beaches that are popularly known as Big Beach and Little Beach. Big Beach, a white sand beach approximately 3,300 feet long and 100 feet wide, is bordered by fingers of lava to the southeast and by Pu'u Ola'i, a volcanic cinder cone, to the northwest. Big Beach has a steep foreshore, the result of high surf that periodically strikes the beach.
Little Beach is a small cove with a wide, white sand beach between two lava points on the seaward side of Pu'u Ola'i. The ocean bottom fronting the beach is a shallow sandbar with a normally gentle shore break A short foot trail leads over the lava point that separates the two beaches. The lone amenity in the 160-acre park is a paved parking lot that is open during daylight hours only.
Wailea has 6 beautiful and scenic beaches.